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Full Set of Classic Eye Lash Extensions $130

A single lash extension is placed 1 by 1 on each one of your natural lash extensions providing enhancement of length and fullness. This set is perfect for first timers and for ladies that love a natural, sophisticated everyday look. I will have variety of sizes and curls that will match the shape of your eye. Complimentary lash after care kit will be included.

Hybrid Full-Set $150

Hybrid Lash Extensions are a mixture of classics and volumes mixed together giving a fuller look than classics. Complimentary lash after care kit will be included.

Fill-Ins $75-$95

Fills should be done between 2-3 weeks. with 40% still remaining. If you come in pass 3 weeks you will need to book a full set.

During this lash process you will start out with a fullset and continue 3 fill ins. After 3 fills it is required to have lashes removed and a full-set will be required.  As a Lash Enhancement Artist my goal is to make sure your natural lashes are still healthy, clean, and sets maintain a clean look.

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